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Letters to Miquel in response to his help

Colonel Gary Hawthorne & Briony

Dear Miquel,
I would like to thank you for the terrific work you have done over the last four years with Valerie's Andalusian, Descarado and my three driving ponies, Millie, Briony and Freddie.

I don't have to remind you how many problems Descarado had, having been obviously been so badly treated before we rescued him from Spain. He was uncontrollable and within a day you had calmed him to such an extent that we, and you, could start to work with him. Following on from that you were able to train him to such a high degree that Valerie is now very confident and it is really amazing how she and he has settled down.

Something we have learnt over this period is that you can never rush things with our horses, everything takes time, especially when the horse has issues and problems caused by owners who treat them as humans and not horses, horses do things because they can!!. Something I will always remember. Descarado is now a totally different horse and is completely relaxed with all of us.

My driving ponies have come on leaps and bounds since you have been working with them and I am extremely grateful for your help. I recently sold Millie and the lady who bought her said that she had found the pony of her dreams. That would not have been possible without your help.

The psychological knowledge you have about horses is inspirational and I am truly grateful for your work with us, the owners and now partners of our horses and ponies 'in the herd'

Myself and Valerie have recommended you to so many people but as you know it is very difficult to explain exactly what magic you perform.

Thank you, we will remain friends for life.

From the heart. Strength and Honour (with our horses)

Colonel Gary Hawthorne

Subject: nadine,mr b

Nadine & Mr B

I would just like people to know how michael,through natural horsmanship helped me learn,trust and build a relationship with my horse.
Mr b was my frist horse i owned,and belive me its so different having a horse in a field on my own,to having him at stables around many people. This was when i decided i needed help as i thought my horse was playing up,couldnt catch him,he wouldnt hack out,couldnt even get on him.
Through making the right decision i called for help,and a quirkey little spanish guy turned up,but how glad am i that he did,at first he spent time with my horse over a few sessions,getting to know him,understanding why he was being why he was.
I spent time watching them both as they built a relationship together,he would let michael catch him,long rein him down the road.Well i thought ,i want this with my horse,then slowly michael started working with me,teaching me how to stand,how my horse was thinking,how my horse new what mood i was in before i even did,and most importantly how to enjoy my horse,as just alone loving your horse does not make you the best leader.Slowly i became that leader my horse wanted and now i couldnt ask for a better horse to share my days with.
Dont get me wrong hes not perfect,but we take one happy day at a time,and cheeresh all the good memories when were out on that river bank,just us,and i think yes were getting there,after all i trully belive,if your un paitiont and just want to get on a ride (bye a bike) but if you want a companion,and build more confidence,try natural horsmanship.
Good luck
enjoy yourself
Nadine x

Subject: inspiration!

Miquel & Enzo

Dear Miquel
I felt I just had to drop you a line to say how inspired I was after watching and talking to you on Sunday.
You spoke from your heart which I so understand and ache to explain sometimes, your passion and understanding of this most wonderful beast brought tears to my eyes.
Not only did you inspire me but re-inforced my own thoughts totally, those thoughts that can sometimes be mocked by sceptics and cynics at times.
Thanks to you I intend to continue my belief (Miquel's belief), that every horse is a gift from heaven and with time, patience and understanding will be a partner for life through giving love and leadership in a language he understands.
I underwent an awful life-threatening illness just over two years ago. Unfortunately I had to give up my two beloved dressage horses as I was incapable of looking after them. This broke my heart, but now I get my joy from being around horses in any way that I can. My life would be totally empty without this beautiful creature within it.
I would love to come and just watch you at work sometime if you would agree, I would be very quiet and make coffee when needed!
Thank you for opening up my heart again in a positive and re-inforcing way.
Best wishes

Subject: Our troublesome horse

Hi Miquel
Thank goodness we saw your advert in the garage shop where they sell LPG in Wisbech!, My riding skill has really come up in leaps and bounds, I'm much more confident now that I have at last found my balance! As has my husband.
I'll begin with a story about my husband's horse called Piper, a gelding piebald cob. We had a few issues to start with, he was very green, so we asked a friend who tried to school him with a very limited amount of success.
There were steering problems which were alarmingly compounded with him tripping all the time. The final straw came when Piper became uncontrollable that we couldn't even load him onto our trailer despite being calm previously. We had to ask you two to come round to ours to see if you could spot the problem as we were at a loss and were on the point of giving up on him.
Thank you Miquel, words really can't describe how grateful I am, Piper is now a joy to ride for my husband.
Both my husband and I were a bit sceptical to begin with as we had been let down and was a bit sort of reluctant in paying out yet more money but as I loved Piper, I felt he deserved another chance, thank goodness for that as it was the right choice.
Both my husband and I are so impressed with both of you of your knowledge regarding equine behaviour, so much so that we had no hesitation in asking for your help once again to bring on our newest member of the family called Missy, a 4yr old ex race horse, so far, even though she has had only 3 sessions with you You haven't heard the last of me yet!
With grateful love
Lor x

Subject: Greetings

During this spring I felt that my Spanish yearling colt was becoming increasingly disrespectful as well as opinionated about what handling he would allow. I was anxious that he did not develop dangerous behaviours that would be undesirable in a stallion so, as he has a lifetime of experience handling Spanish stallions, I phoned Miquel to see if he could help.
Miquel worked with my colt over several weeks starting in the stable then progressing to walks in the Manege and around the village, and gradually the colt started to listen more and fight less. Some sessions went like a dream and others were much more testing but slowly the colt learned to stop closing his mind saying ‘no’ to everything and began to listen and become part of a team. As his fight instinct gradually disappeared and as trust developed he showed that he is a very brave, smart, cheeky and friendly little chap and that he will always keep me on my toes!
Thank you Miquel for your experienced help at a crucial time, and your bravery and persistence. I’m not sure that Enzo would now be enjoying cuddles & scratches every night without it. Hopefully he will never now keep that date with the vet!
Thank you also for the time you spent teaching my older stallion to long-line. He told me he enjoyed dancing with you but your lateral work needs some practice!
Good luck on the journey.

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