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Working Horses with Problems – Dancing & Thinking with horses

Miquel Long-reining Firme

Since as a Child I have been involved with horses and different others animals, but for me, working with horses with problems, has been an enormous Journey to try to understand why horses behave the way they do with us, in so many different ways in terms of social and unreasonable behaviour, and the simple reason I came to understand very clear, like crystal water is, that every single horse has a different point of view from other horses of the same herd, like us humans, even though we all look similar, we are all different in feelings and segments of thoughts in many ways.

I have observed very often that what a horse does under strong hand or negative reassurance, he does it blindly and his performance is no better than that of a ballet-dancer taught by whip.

Horses are our true teachers and the more I work with horses and observe the stallions, mares young colts and fillies grazing freely at our studs in Spain, I realize that each horse has its own individual language as each human being does.

I find that In order to find true friendship with horses, we have to take a journey inside ourselves to find where we really are and where we would like to be in relation to them. At the same time when working with a horse I see it as trying to find and develop softness and not to try to change his personal nature but find a path were we can join him in the dance.

The most important thing for me is the first encounter with the horse, the first encounter with any horse is of tremendous importance and in those first minutes, I am able to learn a tremendous amount about his state of mind and possible future relationship.

The horse’s emotional health is the most important issue and in analysing the stimulus reaction sequence of the horse behaviour, is evident that the stimulus come first and secondly is the desire of the horse to do something and by extending the number of stimuli we use to make a horse to do something, it is possible to extend the performance of the horse itself, these re-training methods are directed to the rehabilitation and strengthening of the horse's physical and emotional health.

Emotion is a very powerful force in the behaviour of a horse, fear anger, excitement can all make a horse act in a way quite different from the normal pattern, fear and pain are the greatest motivations for negative horse behaviour, when training a horse, what we do is ingrain segments of intending and we have to understand, that the horse is born with the ability of understanding us, it is up to us to learn how to ask.

Andalusian Horses - Miquel re-schooling a difficult stallion

Does your horse manifest emotional behavioural problems; it will not lead, shoe, lunge properly, bite, kick, barge, does not want to be caught or invade your space, or any other problems related to unreasonable behaviour?.

I would be pleased to come to your premises to assess your horse, and to assist and teach you how to approach, deal with and correct difficult emototional behaviour.

For cost or further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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